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Arizona's premiere flute ensemble performance organization
MCC Summer Flute Project Event Offerings
AZ FluteFest - Saturday June 22, 2019

Saturday’s AZ FluteFest features performances by Dr. April Clayton, the Desert Echoes Flute Quartet, and the Hoeckley-Ham Trio, as well as master classes with April Clayton and Daniel Carlo from Burkart Flutes, Live ultrasound imaging to explore flute articulation and vibrato with Dr. Joshua Gardner, and other topics. Visit with Burkart Flutes, Nussbaum Music, Milano Music, Woodwinds by Germann and others in the lobby.
The Summer Flute Project Ensembles concert is free at 4:00pm.
Guest Artists
The Summer Flute Project features sought after artists who perform, present master
classes, and teach classes on a variety of
Guest artists are April Clayton (June 21 &
22), Brian Gordon (June 20), and Viviana
Cumplido Wilson (June 19).
Thank you to Burkart Flutes & Piccolos and
Powell Flutes for their sponsorship.
Master Classes
Participants will have the opportunity to
perform in master classes with featured
artists. Register early to be included in
master classes performing a solo work
or orchestral excerpts
. Priority will be
given to week-long participants with limited space available for single-afternoon
Flute Choir
Week-long registrants will rehearse in a flute choir conducted by camp director, Christina Steffen. This larger ensemble will provide an opportunity to play low flutes and will conclude the Summer Flute Project ensembles concert at AZ FluteFest.
Chamber Music
Week-long participants audition on Monday
for placement in a chamber flute ensemble
rehearsing daily with an artist faculty coach.
These small ensembles will perform at the
AZ FluteFest on Saturday afternoon.
Flute Classes
Engaging flute classes and master classes
are offered every day with the guest artists
and artist faculty. Topics are selected from
tone, breathing, articulation/tonguing, extended techniques, low flutes, world flutes, intonation, vibrato, acoustics of the flute, leadership skills, selecting a new flute, repair and maintenance, performance anxiety, reading sessions, and more.
Artist Faculty
Many of the valley’s top flutists and outstanding teachers will be coaching ensembles and teaching a variety of classes. Artist staff includes (l to r), Kehokule’alani O’Daniell, Christina Steffen, Jenn Bock, and Andrea Tenbarge.